Sunday, December 23, 2007

The dumbest peripheral EVER...

Ok I've seen some *really* stupid peripherals come to market in my 20 years of flight simming. The Aura "interactor" comes to mind (a backpack with a subwoofer in it), followed by the nearly equally stupid bass kicker chair. Seen some really stupid joysticks too, but THIS piece of junk takes the absolute cake. The only person who'd ever buy such a thing is the sort of 'wingviewer' who sits at their PC with a captain's hat on and refers to their wife/girlfriend as "stewardess".... once.

The price? $1200 USD!

Here are some other flight related things $1200 will get you:

1. An intel QX9650 Penryn 45nm processor, and blistering FPS.
2. A whole ton of quality FSX aircraft and scenery addons.
3. About oh... NINE *real* flying lessons.

Even Airbus (aka boring airplane makers), and just about every general aviation aircraft manufacturer thinks yokes are stupid! Are you listening boeing? For the record the goddamned STICK (not yoke) goes on the right, the throttle on the left, the engines in the fuselage, and the missiles on the wings.

Yeah I know, it's *just* a controller and I'm an opinionated bastard. :)

Lotus out.


Dave the Geek said...

"' who sits at their PC with a captain's hat on and refers to their wife/girlfriend as "stewardess".... once."

You know if you are fast enough, you can get 2 in before they are out the door.

Lotus said...

Or before they rip said geek shrine out of the floor and beat you senseless with it. ;)

pebble said...

Ask Lotus sometime how he knows so much about the Interactor. -smiles-

Dave the Geek said...

Sorry I missed something, do you mean interactor as in a biological evolutionary sense, of the force feedback vest?

In any sense we all learn how to "interact" with our "stewardess'" by trial and error. Lots and lots of error ;)

Lotus said...

He means the force feedback vest, because yes I did buy one, for $20 at best buy, and it wasn't even worth that haha.