Friday, July 18, 2008


Well I'm back, at least in body if not mind yet. The only problem with going somewhere as nice as Iceland for a month is that it's kind of a bummer to leave it. I miss it a lot. Anyway I'll save my comments on the country and my little adventures there (mostly near misses of sheep during driving in the fog) for later, but here's a little video of my travels for you if you're interested.

A month of photography in the world's smartest (and least polluted) country compressed into 7 minutes.

Aside from photos I brought back the Icelandic Sagas, translated into English, a couple of funky lava rocks from some very special places, some approach plates and an Icelandic VFR chart (yes I know I'm a geek), and one thoroughly bruised rib courtesy of some slippery boulders in Isafjordur.

Anyway crank er up and enjoy but please be patient, it may need to buffer a bit, it's a somewhat largish flash movie.