Friday, July 18, 2008


Well I'm back, at least in body if not mind yet. The only problem with going somewhere as nice as Iceland for a month is that it's kind of a bummer to leave it. I miss it a lot. Anyway I'll save my comments on the country and my little adventures there (mostly near misses of sheep during driving in the fog) for later, but here's a little video of my travels for you if you're interested.

A month of photography in the world's smartest (and least polluted) country compressed into 7 minutes.

Aside from photos I brought back the Icelandic Sagas, translated into English, a couple of funky lava rocks from some very special places, some approach plates and an Icelandic VFR chart (yes I know I'm a geek), and one thoroughly bruised rib courtesy of some slippery boulders in Isafjordur.

Anyway crank er up and enjoy but please be patient, it may need to buffer a bit, it's a somewhat largish flash movie.



d0ugi3 said...

Puffins are cute.

David Brice said...

Nice to have ya back mate.. ;)

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Hehe, thanks David, yeah good to be back in some ways, but man, Iceland gets under your skin fast, it's just so.... right.

And yup, I agree Doug, puffins are cute, and absolutely ridiculous on land. :)

Jack said...

Man I envy some of the things you do. Great shots and good to have you back.

Mugar17 said...

Hey Lotus, nice to see that you're back :)
That's a cool slideshow, I can see why it's your favorite country. My favorite country would have to be Switzerland (specifically in Lugano) because of the mountain ranges, lakes and the well populated town smack dab in the middle

Mugar17 said...

By the way. what song did you use in that slideshow? it's addicting

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

I love Switzerland too, fantastic place, but too many people for my comfort. I like my open spaces accessible immediately. ;)

The song is 'Saeglopur' by Sigur Ros, from the album 'Takk' ("thanks" in Icelandic).

Saw them and Bjork live in a beautiful park in Reykjavik when I was there, stunning show.

xeNYCexVLAD said...

Can't acces the slideshow atm due to phone connection/browsing, but if your digital photography is awesome there is only little left to imagine of what the real life photos might be.

Glad to have you back, maybe a movie will come? ;)

Hehe, just tugging the rope, I know the L-39 is a pain in the ass.(Well at least until it starts selling) :)

Good luck mate!


kingsnake11 said...

Hi Mike
looks like you had a great time! Fabulous photo's as usual (really enjoyed the slideshow). Did you try an whale or the the other local favourite...marinated shark? ( do you know what they marinate it in???). Anyway, great to have you back. Hope to fly online again one of these days.

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Hey man, thanks. Yeah, the shark haha, it's called Hakarl. I think they name it after the sound a person makes after trying to eat it. I asked a bunch of Icelanders along the way if they'd ever tried it and they said they couldn't even get it into their mouth, it's that putrid. It's not even marinated, they just stick it in the ground and let it ferment. Nasty. Didn't try that, or whale, or puffin. Only saw whale and puffin on the menu once actually. It's falling out of favour with them. Fabulous trip though. See ya online. :)