Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hired Gunnery...

Over the past couple months I've been working on a clutch of videos for Sim Giants' new series of Canary Islands airports for FSX, and just wrapped up the last of them this week. While I would never agree to do a true 'wingviewer' video (yes I've been asked, ugh) I figured doing some airport promos would be an interesting little challenge. Actually, despite the fact that I don't need to chase an airport around at 500 knots in multiplayer to capture it, it's quite a bit more difficult than I first thought to showcase one properly.

Anyway, if you're curious to see the high res versions, head on over to, or check out their Youtube page: SimGiants on Youtube.

As for the airports themselves, they're really very good, and, most importantly, framerate friendly. While I'm admittedly not much of an airport guy myself, since I spend as little time as possible on the ground, haha, having watched these sceneries evolve over the past few months I really respect the amount of love they've put into them. Good stuff.

Here's my favourite of the four vids I made for them, and definitely my favourite airport among their creations.

I'll get to meet the makers in a couple of weeks when I visit Israel as well. :)

Oh, I probably forgot to mention... I'm going to Israel on Oct 6. Part of my "Dotting the 'i's" year I guess, aka visiting countries that I didn't really see properly last time I was in them. :)

"What was the question?... I was looking at the big sky." - Kate Bush


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Vlad said...

I've watched two of them,and I really liked the music.Is it custom made,or is it publicly available?If so,who's the composer/artist?

Your first scenery add-on? :)


P.S.You're better sticking with planes.