Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Poof.... again.

Well I'm off to Tel Aviv in a few hours. Been a long time since I visited Israel and there's a lot I missed the first time around.

Jerusalem in particular is a place I am definitely psyched to see again. Of all the exotic cities I've ever been to around the world, and there are a lot, Jerusalem is truly the most surreal. I swear that if you took all the people out of that city that you would hear the walls whispering to each other. That's the sense I had last time I was there, that the city, the very architecture itself, was 'alive'. Even cooler is that I'm not alone in that feeling. Ask anyone who's ever been there and they'll likely tell you the same thing. I'm curious to see if that feeling remains. :)

Back in ten days, a quick trip this time.



kingsnake said...

Have a good trip. Hope your trip to Israel is a good one.
I just got back from being away for the last month. Mangaged to return with only two badly bruised feet and a big hole in the back of my left leg :-)

Great to see the progress done on the l-39. I am sure it will be a joy to fly. Hope to see you online when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 10 days! We can't afford to lose time on the L-39 project! :0

Lol, have a nice trip

xxilim said...

Wow sumthings just baffle me!
You spend some much time on a personal level with flightsim yet you can still afford to go away on regular occasions.

So what sort of work do u do that lets u live this type of rockstar lifestyle, or do I just have the wrong impression?

Oh and on another note ur work has made me fall in love with the L39.