Thursday, November 13, 2008

A request for more feedback...

Firstly, thanks to everyone who answered my poll before on the handling etc. That was a huge help to me and I think you're going to like the results. I have one more feedback request though for any of you that have a moment to spare.

I'm working on the sounds for the plane at the moment, among a million other parts, and unfortunately FSX isn't all that flexible when it comes to this stuff. To circumvent its sound limitations I'm planning to license Doug Dawson's excellent XML sound gauge, and I've already confirmed that it works great in Shared Cockpit mode as well as normal multi and singleplayer. The only problem with it though is that it runs outside the FSX sound slider system, and so matching up the volume level of all the extraneous sounds I plan to add, like the Saphir starter and G-suit pump etc, is really going to be a tricky exercise.

What I need to know from you is where you normally keep your sound sliders in the sim, specifically your numerical values for each one would help me a lot. Such as: Engines: 60, Cockpit: 40, Voice: 70 etc etc. Also if you use different settings for multi and single, or change them around for other reasons, I'd like to know the reason and your numbers there as well.

If you have a minute to check your settings and let me know I'd really appreciate the help. I'm looking for an average to work with, just for the sole reason that I don't want to blow anyone's eardrums haha. The hitch of course is multiplayer. FSX's voice chat is unfortunately so quiet compared to the average in-game sounds that myself I end up putting all the other sliders down to around 3 or 4 out of 100, and leave voice way up high.

Here's hoping FS11 improves this aspect greatly!

Thanks all!



Mugar17 said...

I have the cockpit sounds set to zero to get rid of that guy who yells at me whenever I break some sort of FAA regulation. Everything else is on 3. But voice is set to 100

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Hahaha, you can disable him you know. Put the following into the aircraft.cfg file of any plane he's bitching at you in, deleting any similar entries that might be there:

max_warning_height = -1
sink_rate_fpm = -9999
excessive_sink_rate_fpm = -9999
climbout_sink_rate_fpm = -9999
flap_and_gear_sink_rate_fpm= -9999

Vlad said...

I've also got cockpit sounds off for the same reason as David does. Engines + Environment at 20 and voice at 100. I'm guessing you're getting real close to getting her to the market since you're up to the sounds portion?

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thanks for the info Vlad. And nope, still a couple months to go at least, but as I'm currently programming the systems I need to code in the sounds that they should trigger under certain circumstances at the same time. Trying to fit them in later would be a nightmare hehe. Until Chris is done with my soundset I'm using placeholders.

pebble said...

I keep all my sound sliders down around 5%, except for voice comms which I have pegged at 100%. I fly multiplayer about 95% of the time, and comm volume levels are porked.

Doug said...

Engines - 9
Cockpit - 17
Environment - 9
Voice - 100

tutmeister said...

Engines - varied depending on aircraft type - for jets I hover around 30% as they are loud in the cockpit in real life.

The rest is about 10-15%, as I use TeamSpeak and FSHOST when flying multiplayer, so I haven't experienced your issues with voice being quiet.

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thanks guys. I see a trend here haha, 10,10,10, 100. ;)

So I'll tune all the sounds for those settings and outline them in the manual.

Thanks for the input.

Cody said...

Well, I'm on wet sand with the sounds, but I like my current settings of Engines: 74, Cockpit: 0(Because I hate the overspeed sounds..tap tap tap tap tap..ugh), Enviroment: 0, and Voice 100

David Brice said...

Me...simple...100% all the way on everything! bwahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
back flying after a long hiatus and catching up on your board. Great and incredible work on the aircraft. Sound

Engines - 40%
Cockpit - 50%
Environment - 30%
Voice - 60%


blackfalkin said...

yea for some reason fsx multiplayer voice sound is very low, so thanks for providing buyers with a fix before hand so most users will be comfortable. this guy is covering all the bases. and btw way im also glad u posted the "sink rate" fix G*D thats annoying. your coming in on final, and airspeed starts to bleed off just a bit and 'dont sink'. and of course the others... sink rate, pull up, too low, too low terrain, too low flaps.

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thanks all. Blackfalkin, you won't have a problem with some dude yelling in your ear in the L-39, I've disabled him completely.

If it were a hot chick with a lovely New Zealand or Irish accent though? She'd be cranked. :)