Monday, December 8, 2008


So I tried the L-39 out in some of the Reno air race missions for the first time yesterday, and well, let's just say I got spanked, and quite badly. The plane's top level speed of around 360 kts in standard form just isn't enough to deal with those racing P-51s.

However I am certainly not about to take *that* crap from some stupid sixty year old propeller planes.

This means that a new L-39 is going to be added to the roster of variants sometime in the next month or two:

That's "Pipsqueak" above, a pure racing L-39C that has been stripped down and heavily modified: No back seat, 15% less weight, about 25% more thrust, no tip tanks, and a ton less drag. It posted lap speeds at Reno of around 500mph.

Granted, with that kind of power and those modifications you've got enough range to maybe make it to the grocery store and back, but those arrogant old crates in their fancy "look at me" paint jobs will be in for a rude surprise.

And yes I'm aware the L-39s run in a class of their own and this sort of match doesn't take place, but as you can see I don't like to lose.

Until that version of the plane is done, those ridiculous Mustangs are going to be experiencing an unusual number of engine problems and a mysterious loss of power across the board. Strangest thing really. They should have bought jets I guess, much more reliable. ;)


doug said...

Really really good idea! This'll be great for the Multiplayer canyon run :D

Inevitable question; will you be doing Wildchild aswell?

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

I'm not going to do Wildchild without permission of the family of the pilot, I think it would be disrespectful, and I haven't asked yet. We'll see.

sold67 said...

sounds like its going and as doug said good idea