Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Dailies...

A big part of what goes into my movies are the 'dailies'. I do a lot of little clips and vignettes that are tests for different effects I want to try in my main films or for finding solutions to new problems. These movies were a series of test shots for what eventually became the Iris Texan trailer and are sort of soothing and fun in their own right. In this first clip I was trying to get used to filming aircraft flying behind me, not as easy as it looks!

Pilots: Pebble, Jester, and Futureflyer.

In this second clip I was trying to solve some FSrecorder issues, and to generally see just how many Texans my computer could handle on screen at once (5 it turns out). I figured the Australian Air Force Roulettes demonstration team needed to visit Syndey, and of course to break some air regulations, always a neccessity.

Pilots: Me, me, me, me, me... oh and... me (camera). :)


-Lotus out.

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BlackFalkin said...

The T6 texan II, LOVE IT! My brother has a trucking company and when I ride with him, the big engine puts me straight to sleep. Truckers call the engine "the Detroit choir" bc of this..... the t6 engine gives me a similar feeling. The sp2 fixed alot of issues and made flying it alot better for me.