Friday, October 26, 2007

Did Lotus pull a Steve Fossett?

Ok that was in bad taste. I really hope he's ok.

Lots of people have been asking me lately when the next movie's coming out. When it's damned well ready, that's when! Kidding. Acceleration has thrown me for a loop here. First it basically destroyed my FSX, then when I finally got it working it decided that it hates my videocard and starting CTDing on all menu actions, very annoying. Well I've had enough of the card too, so look for a little movie soon where my 7900GTO meets with an 'accident'.

I have a new 8800 ultra on order, picking it up tonight, yay. Hopefully that solves matters. Btw, in the process of trying to solve my Accel Pack woes I upgraded to Vista, and you know what... it actually doesn't suck. Well, ok, it does suck a little, but mostly minor things, such as, what in the hell did they do to the sound settings?! Talk about making access to bass and treble controls about oh 500 times more complex than needed. Ugh.

Anyway on to the movies. I have a couple ideas I'm bashing around with my wonderful friend and uber reliable copilot Pebble. The next movie will be somewhat downtempo I think, couple of ideas for that, but the one after, well, if things go according to plan (some BIG ifs in there) it will be the movie my fans have been waiting for and asking about a lot lately. :) Stay tuned on that one.

-Lotus out

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