Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hollywood Dogfighting...

Awhile back Pebble and I were asked about the possibility of doing some previsualization for a film in which a sport plane was to be chased by a fighter through downtown Los Angeles. Happily I accepted the task, primarily because one thing I loathe is seeing unrealistic aviation in hollywood films. If you're going to do it, do it correctly guys. Personally I think 99% of the technical directors in LA should be shot, they wouldn't know realism if they were sucked into a jet engine, but that's just me. ;)

Anyway, although that project never got off the ground, I learned a ton in the process of making this film, which demonstrated the realism we could achieve, at least in flight paths. Vectors wouldn't have been very good at all if I hadn't taken this on first, and unlike that film there's no trickery here. Enjoy!

Pilots: Pebble in the Turbo SF 260 Marchetti, Myself in the F-18.

Music: Gardner & Thomas - Propaganda (love this frickin track!)


James said...

Looked like a blast to make! Great work! What film was that going to be for?

PS. Great taste in music ;)

Lotus said...

Thanks James. Yeah it was pretty fun to do, bashed that out in a day, hence it isn't really all that high in quality. You know, I never found out what even the working title of the film was, as I said it never got off the ground. I know they had planned to try and do an actual clandestine shoot with real planes in downtown LA though, so maybe the producers are in jail now? ;)

As for the taste in music, cheers. :) I suppose I could have set it to the top gun theme, but then I'd still be vomiting 5 months later. ;)

fighter35 said...
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