Sunday, November 4, 2007

Okay, just what is it about TNCM anyway?

Lately I've been noticing a *lot* of Princess Juliana airport FSX videos on Youtube. I scan the new arrivals daily and I keep noticing this one damned airport showing up again and again and again. I blame FlyTampa. What's the fascination?

Here's something fun to try. Search youtube for "FSX+TNCM" (the airport's icao code).

148 videos!

Now search for: "FS2004+TNCM'

299! WTH!

Can someone explain to me why there's such a TNCM fetish among simmers? Yes it's a pretty airport, if airports can be called that, yes people can get blown over by jet exhaust and wake turbulence on the beach short of the threshold, yes it's in the caribbean, and yes I know it was pretty much the only airport in the FSX demo, but COME ON. Do we need 447 videos of Juliana? No, we don't, one would have been sufficient really.

There... are... other... airports.... 27000 of them in fact.

Rant over. ;)



Robster904 said...

I was thinking the exact same thing a few days ago! I mean I go into FSX multi Sort by Airport name and as soon as I hit P theres just the LONGEST LIST of Princess Juliana sessions, it's insane! Maybe because it's ATC friendly? Who knows.

BTW still waiting on that Avro Arrow ^^ :)

James said...

I've also noticed the large number of Princess Juliana videos on youtube. Really don't understand the fascination with the place. Its not like you can see the people being blown around in FSX.

Lotus said...

I hear you Robster and James, I'd forgotten about the number of them in the multi lobbies. Ugh. I think it might be because it's the only excitement the FSX airliner crowd (aka wingviewers) can have. Ooo I have to come in really low! Exciting! Umm, not really. Not like they have the real piloting skills needed to tackle Courchevel or Lukla anyway. ;)

Robster904 said...

Haha very true. I hate it when the airliner guys say General Aircraft are too easy or somthing...LOL I mean we're the ones using stick and rudder, we're the ones flying in and around mountains during a thunderstorm and landing on a strip not more the a couple 100 meters long, as opposed too flying 30 secs of a 7 hour flight staring out the window thinking you've done somthing other then engage the autopilot. Most of these airliner guys just slew themselves onto approach anyways and are happy to acheive a smooth landing as opposed to flying a really challenging approach no auto and still land. I realllly want to know what's so exiting about them... Sorry Lotus didn't mean to rant on but people get passionate :)

Lotus said...

Haha, rant away Robster, I'm with you. This is my little den of truly free speech. :)

I think the wingviewers just get off on the whole systems management aspect of airliners, rather than the actual flying bits, yawn. There actually IS one truly cool airliner pilot in the world though, that TAP A310 pilot who did a pass down a runway at 3 feet agl with the gear up. Guess he saw vectors haha.

My major issue with airliners though really is the safety aspect. Safety is the antithesis of living. You can't really experience life if you spend all your time worrying that you might get hurt, and everything about the airliner world is designed to avoid that possibility, hence zero life. GA pilots thankfully understand that risk = experience = reward.

Robster904 said...

I have major respect for the real world airliner guys, because most of those guys can fly in and out of anywhere in anything. But the people who choose to fly it in a simulator? I mean if you enjoy it, sure go ahead but, you cant die using a simulator, so make the best out of it! You know fly an aerobatic plane, a fighter jet, somthing exiting! Or even try somthing challening with an airliner like a 727 on an African dirt strip (Those guys are awesome). So many possibilties and chances to learn and have FUN while using a simulator. As opposed to learning and staring out the window...I mean good for them learning about the systems and all. For god sakes! I mean, I was a tubeflyer, but flying the choices listed above are just so much more FUN, and you can learn a great deal from GA. For me if I had the chance too choose like you get with a simulator. I'd have to go with GA.
Gosh I really hope no tubeflyer comes by these. I think they're very passionate about their knowledge of airline systems and we would have a hefty debate :).

Lotus said...

Haha Robster. Hope no tuberiders visit? To quote Theoden, before the battle of Helms Deep... "Let them come!"

Paul said...

Haha, well the real challenge I guess is to make a Juliana movie with a twist, something original. But then it's just another Caribbean Island...nothing much to see or do.

Robster, agreed with your comments wholly. I have lately been completing test flights, flights to the edge of the flight envelope that would normally be considered too risky to undertake and I've not only learnt a lot, but it was great fun.
I am enjoying Lukla and Courchevel too!

Ronald Griffin said...

i think it is because its a fun little airport and people think that other people will watch it even i made like 4 to 6 videos with the fly tampa but if i dident have that scenery i wouldent have made vdeos there!

Ronald Griffin said...

i think it is because its a fun little airport and people think that other people will watch it even i made like 4 to 6 videos with the fly tampa but if i dident have that scenery i wouldent have made vdeos there!