Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Small fixes for the Alphasim SR-71 (FSX)...

For those coming along on the world tour, and who have the 2007 version of the Alphasim SR-71 Blackbird, but are seeing some reflectivity issues in the VC, I have a fix for you here. For the tour remember that you will need to have downloaded and installed the Blackbird multiplayer model fix from the Alphasim website, which is accessible through your store account there, from the same place you originally downloaded the SR-71. You must download and install that first if you haven't, and then install the fixes in this post.

There are two fixes in the zip below. The first is a modified aircraft.cfg file which forces all of the SR-71A variants to use the multiplayer model, not just one. This will preclude your system crashing should someone bring in a version other than the multiplayer one. You will lose such things as the starter cart and air-stairs, but you can always change them back later. It is those extra model features that caused the multiplayer crash in the first place.

The second fix is a modified panel.cfg file to address the VC gauges, which in SP2/Acceleration have some material issues. If you're seeing some gauges as either transparent or reflective in the VC, this panel.cfg should fix that.

I did not include paths in the zip file as people often have different layouts for FSX, so you will need to navigate to the appropriate folders and overwrite your files manually with the ones in the zip.


The aircraft.cfg file goes in:

(your fsx folder)\SimObjects\Airplanes\ALPHA SR-71A 2007\

The panel.cfg file goes in:

(your fsx folder)\SimObjects\Airplanes\ALPHA SR-71A 2007\Panel\

Replace the files there and you should be good to go.

These fixes are only for the SR-71 "A" model. We will not be flying the B/trainer version. (too slow!) :)


I know that Alphasim is coming out with a full FSX/SP2 patch/upgrade for the Blackbird, but I have no idea when that will be ready. These fixes will keep you flying until then. :)

-Lotus out


jet1954 said...

As Reverend Lovejoy says on The Simpsons, "rock and/or roll!"

Lotus said...

Now that you can read all the gauges you just have to tame her. ;) That SR-71 demands respect and suffers no fools. In fact if she could listen to music on her own I think her entire collection would consist of only one song: Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up".

Anonymous said...

Some say he was born from the metal that made the blackbird,
others say he has 4 arms,
all we know is that hes called...

... the Stig!!

-Anonymous ;)

John Cook said...


The file is no longer available.

What did the fix do and how can I reproduce it myself?


Anonymous said...

Hey, any chance you can reupload the fixes because the link is dead.
Thanks in Advance! ;)