Sunday, June 8, 2008

Which way to Bratislava?

Well I have a little time to kill before I head out on my trip so I figured I'd do up another paint scheme for fun. This one's for the Slovaks. :)

Here's a few shots of her cruising over the Tatra Mountains.


Vlad said...

I always thought that the Slovak AF had the dark green and the green stripes, instead of that khaki color. But it still looks awesome!(And that'll satisfy my request about the Ukrainian paint scheme) :)

Fabo said...

Looks good, although... why not White Albatross? :)

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Why not white? Too easy. :) Hard paints first, easy paints later hehe.

SpiritPP said...

Hi, I am gona to love you. I am flying the L-39ZAM no.4707 (M-modern). If you wan I can send you many materials from our aircrafts (photos-inside/outside,documentations-rebuilding) I can wait till you release the model. I am the first one who will buy it. ;-) good luck.

P.S.: My mail adress if intrested ;-)