Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So.... I made a video.

Scary huh! Almost forgot how. ;)

I recommend watching the high res version, obviously. To see that you'll have to click on the actual movie and watch it directly on Youtube. I don't know how to embed that version. Anyway, there should be a 'watch in high quality' link when you get there.

Hope you like it!


Dean (Mav2537) said...

Brilliant job on the video, and the aircraft. Keep up the good work. Once again you have again outdone yourself!!!!!

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thanks Mav. :)

Scenium said...

Wow!!! Great to finally see it in action in a Vid! Videos are so important (for Me anyways) to get the right "feel" for how a aircraft is in the sim. And You surely have the Best Promo Video Artist! ;)

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thanks Scenium, glad ya like it mate. I agree, a video says a lot more about an aircraft than a screenshot can, but unfortunately it can't show the really fine details as well as a picture. Both are needed.

As for its 'feel' I wouldn't judge it too much based on what you've seen so far, it does have a long way to go in flight modeling, but for the moment the placeholder flight dynamics are functional, if a bit unrefined. :) I'll be getting to that the day after my flight in the real deal in July.

Cheers man!

BTW: You're in Sweden right? Just curious which town. I visited there two years ago, fell in love with the country in a big way.

Fabo said...

Brilliant vid!

Local technical university has one of them as a hydraulics systems demonstrators, I guess I could likely get you some detailed footage of gear/flaps work, it is in closed hanger though so sound would be echoed most likely.

Also, enthusiast friend says, that even though you mark it as C/ZA model, he clearly identifies it as ZO model in video. And he asks about cabin, what will you use in here? Detailed shots of original machinery are possible to get, as well as what is actually used in Slovak Air Force.

Fabo said...

seems like it wont just show my mail, in case you wahted to contact me:

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Fabo, thanks very much! You friend knows what I'm making more than I do hahaha.

The C/ZA/ZO differ mostly in the cockpit details, ie: gunsights and gauges etc. I'm going for the C model mostly with the VC since it uses steam gauges throughout. I'm not really a fan of digital MFDs like the later models have, but if I have time I will provide a version with a HUD.

I'll send you an email, thanks very much for your offer!


Scenium said...

Yup, I'm a Swede! :) Which town? lol It's just a shitty little town in the woods in southern Sweden that You probably haven't heard of? It's called Lönsboda.