Sunday, August 9, 2009

What... a... week.

A bit of a different blog post this time, since I have nothing new to show exactly, but much to talk about, hehe. This one is more of a diary about my first week as a payware developer I guess.

The L-39 has been received with much fanfare, certainly much more than I expected. Some of the forum comments and emails I've gotten have been humbling to say the least. I've had comments from people that have been utterly awe inspiring, to the point that I'm printing them out and making a little book of them, for times in the future when I might feel a bit flat or down. The fountain of beautiful repaints coming out is amazing too, and also a bit depressing! I thought I was a pretty decent painter... umm... no! :) But I'm cool with that. It's amazing to see what people have done with the paint kit. Good thing I don't have to change any UV coordinates! I'd get lynched at this point if I did.

The support questions have been INSANE. I really had no idea some of the things that could go wrong with a plane that's been in a constant state of testing for months. Between a couple of people not being able to click anything in the cockpit at all (thankfully sorted with a reinstall of SP2 or Accel) to the strangest crashes in multiplayer which I have NEVER seen before, nor can reproduce yet! It's been an adventure, and I suspect it will be for weeks to come.

Then of course there's the piracy. The rampant, unbelievable, and incredibly hurtful piracy. How people think they are entitled to 15 months of my life, and I do mean MY LIFE (I have done nothing else but work on the L-39) I have no idea.

At some point today I remembered to eat something, probably only because the waitress put butter chicken directly in front of me, a wonderful celebratory dinner out with my friend Eric and my mother. I think I've had perhaps 5 meals total since Monday, and maybe 25 hours of sleep, it has been a busy week.

To the pirates, if you read this or even care, you are doing yourself a great disservice, though you're simply too small to see it coming sadly. If you paid any attention to the ORBX site yesterday, that is where we're going unless you get honest and quick. Really. I'm not kidding. I hope pirates like their ill gotten goods though, and are comfortable with their karmic debt, because it will come back to them. It always does.

To my honest customers though, thank you so much for taking the time to send me the most wonderful comments, something you certainly didn't need to do. I can't tell you how much that support and enthusiasm means to me after such an incredible effort.

And that's about all there is to report. Back to the forum dance.

So far this is one hell of an experience!



Cody said...

Congratulations on release. I can't wait to purchase the L-39 when I get back from a trip of mine.


Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thanks Cody. :)

Dougie said...

Hope the buttered chicken was nice.

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

It was very good yes, thanks. :) Was at one of my two favourite restaurants in the city. Very reliable.

Anonymous said...


Good post. I've found the only "bug" in the software is when we VISTA guys forget to install this "Administrator." You even mention this in your manual, but like the bad guys in Blazing Saddles "we don't need no stinking manuals" until something we want doesn't work quite right :)

People stealing this work will only get us cut off from a source of great work, or, get us an unfriendly verification system like Ariane's "pay for it now, get it a week from now when we feel like it" system.

Sir, sincerely, Thank You for your contribution to this obsession some call aviation. Tip of the hat to you!

A review is being written for AvSim. Our problem is we lack the disciple to stop flying the L39 so we can write about it.


Anonymous said...

im the bad guy, im sorry, i got rid of the plane, nicely done mike, seriously i just wanted to try it out, nothing else.. im sorry again.

PS. if you have any further projects maybe on soviet or russian planes you can always ask me for help with translation, im fluent in russian. you can contact me on my email which i only use for youtube or my youtube name polzowatel which you have blocked, just go on my chanel, unblock me and ill help with everything i can.
Apologies, Igor.

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Igor, thanks for your honesty and your offer of help. It would be best to remove that video though, since you will continue to get abuse from other people over its title and content on youtube.

Tom, thanks very much mate!

Yes I agree completely. I didn't want to saddle honest people with crazy verification processes for the airplane, I don't think that's fair. I firmly believe that when you buy software you own it, you're not licensing or renting it, end of story. Maybe that's an old school attitude, but it's how I feel about such things. :) It's a tough thing to watch your work stolen though, that's for sure!

And since most of us simmers are men, well, manuals are for when things go wrong, not for prevention of mistakes. :) I'm very guilty of this.



Anonymous said...

it's gone with the wind :)

Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thank you very much Igor. :)

I've unblocked you as well.

Take care!


Vitek said...

Congrats on the release Mike! From what I have heard and seen, it is sort of a breakthrough in FsX. Very cool features. So enjoy your vacation now!


Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thanks very much Vitek. :) No vacation for me though, many questions to answer and some bugs to fix, but overall it's going well.


xxilim said...

AHHHH you know your're a part of the GA industrie in australia when you can't afford an addon for flight sim haha!

I'll have to crack open that money tin of mine mike!

Anonymous said...

The plane has got lots of fanfare, but no more than it deserves. Never has an addon come so close to making me wet myself. So after 15 months of your life do enjoy a well deserved rest, but I have to ask - what's next!

(whispers Flanker, Flanker)


Anonymous said...

I also have a confession to make.

I was also one of these pirates who had no respect for the time and effort that you put into your aircraft. After all, thats your only source of income right there.

Believe it or not but I am actually a very religious guy and a firm believer in god. For me to have stolen something someone devoted 15 months of his life to make was too much for me to bear. I don't want to be a sinner. As for the plane, I uninstalled it. It's the least I could do to make things right. Maybe I'll buy it some time as an honest man and once I own a mastercard ;).

Besides, I have found a new hobby apart from fsx. I'm hoping to start my PPL course this fall, can't wait to go flying for real!

Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I really regret my actions.

P.S. Keep up the good work. Your plane reminded me what it was that made me fall in love with flying in the first place, no other addon has ever achieved this.

greetings from Austria,


Lotus / Ramasurinen said...

Thank you J.D. It takes a big person to own up to that, and I appreciate it. I try not to judge too harshly because I am certainly no saint.

I'm glad you liked the Albatros, and thanks for the kind comments. The plane will still be available when you are ready to purchase it, and no doubt better after some updates.

Do go for your PPL. Flight sim is great, but it can never replace the real thing, it can only scratch the itch between flights. :)

Thanks, and good luck.