Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Beast Within...

As of today Lotus Films (the hardware portion) has a new home!

I did a minor trade-up this week, from a core2duo 6600 to... THIS...

This is a seriously *insane* little, err, big machine:

-Intel QX9650 Penryn 45nm processor (3.0 ghz stock)
-Swiftech high flow water cooling system with two 120mm fans.
-Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 Motherboard
-1.4 Terabytes of sata-2 storage goodness
-Big arse case ;)

The bits I'm keeping from the system that's carried me through 11 FSX films...

-Nvidia 8800 Ultra 768mb
-2 Gigs 1066mhz DDR2 Corsair Dominator ram

I'd forgotten how much I hate reinstalling windows and all my software, but so far everything's going well. My totally unoptimized copy of FSX is running a little faster and considerably smoother than it was on my highly stressed out core2duo. That old system was running at 3.4ghz, 54 degrees C, and was about as tweaked as a raver on his 5th pill. This thing is humming along at an amazingly cool 27 degrees. That's 4 degrees above ambient folks... not bad!

I'll post some performance comparisons once she's at 100% and I've had a chance to learn how to overclock her properly.

I just need to come up with a name for her. I think she deserves one. Suggestions are welcome!

-Lotus out.


Dave the Geek said...

My vote is for DEXTER, Latin for right hand of the body.

Anonymous said...

big bertha

Mugar said...

have it be "Mugar"

Lotus said...

Haha, mugar, so modest. ;)

Dexter'ia' might work. Gotta be a girl's name, this machine is finicky and demanding enough that it's definitely female. :)

Dean Greasley said...

Hi mate, I stumbled upon your site whilst on youtube looking for inspiration and also some little help on the programs you use. I too run a couple of sites and the latest one is

Your new power house looks simular to the one in pcworld I think its the packard beast.

You've prolly been asked this many a time, what programs do you use, I seen a post stating you use fraps but unsure as to what other progs your using.

But still, I thought I'd show my appreciation regarding the quality and imaginative moviews you produce, (titles his hat in recognition'

Thanks again for sharing your passion.


Lotus said...

Hi Dean, thanks for stopping by, I'll check out your review site.

You definitely don't want me writing reviews. ;)

airliner... crap.
airliner... crap.
ooo fighter, cool!

I use fraps for capture and vegas for editing and that's pretty much it, aside from the behemoth that is FSX of course hehe.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the films. :)


Deano said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the heads up regarding Vega. Ive only had a play with windows movie maker and some of the transitions are a little limited. I'll have a read-up on Vegas and see what it has to offer.

Is there any particular reason you choose to work with Vegas over WMM?

Im going to try and put together a simple movie for the reviews, nothing as spectacular as your creations, just a little something to help the reader decide whether or not the title is worth the money. Personally I think that a movie will help sell any product seeing as its all visual.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my earlier message.


Lotus said...

Well Vegas is faster than wmm, 100x more capable, and just a pleasure to use. It's a study in interface ergonomics, it's just brilliantly and logically laid out.

As for doing video reviews, sounds time consuming. I'd just be very careful about it. In my experience it's as easy to turn someone off a product with a video as it is to turn them on, even if you give it a great review hehe. And what if one movie is better for one product than another? Crosses the line into advertising which is an ethical grey area for what should be an impartial review. ;) A screenshot is a screenshot, but a video opens the door to style, flair, and selective focus. Just some food for thought.

Anyway good luck.