Friday, January 18, 2008

One Last Teaser...

Now that the star of the next film is in place it's time to let you see her. :)

(click image for full resolution version)

The Dassault Rafale M is, in my opinion, *the* sexiest aircraft ever created by human hands. This particularly gorgeous model, created by Thor's Hammer of Dijon, France is not publicly available nor will it be for quite some time, so please don't ask where you can get it. However he has graciously allowed me an exception specifically for the making of the next film. :)

The image isn't photoshopped but is actually a still from one of my test shots, which I've been working on for four hours straight, and given that it's now 7am I need some damned sleep!

I wasn't kidding about that '3am' thing in the header. ;)

-Lotus out.


Mugar17 said...

when will it come out? looks tight

Lotus said...

The creator has no release date in mind for it as yet, still much work to be done. Best guess, I'd say between two and four months from now. And that is nothing more than a guess, I could be way off in either direction.

I think it's really a labour of love for him, so much like my movies it'll be done when it's done haha.


fighter25 said...

Mmm...Dassault Rafale....*drool* Looks like money is going to be coming out of my pocket with that one. Looks detailed, even with half the plane missing. Let's hope that your way wrong and it comes soon.

Have you seen the VRSimulations F/A-18E? That is one great looking model. Three year in development and just in BETA 3.

Cheers Lotus,

Lotus said...

Well the only thing missing in that shot is the vertical stabilizer haha, but it's as nice as the rest of the plane. :)

You probably won't be shelling out any coin, it's likely going to be freeware which makes the endeavour all the more amazing.

As for the superbug, yeah I've watched their site over the last year but as far as I know the FS9 version is what VRS releasing first (boggles), and no clue when the FSX one will be out. When it is I'll take a look at it for sure. That VC though? I fear even my penryn is going to pump out a whopping 5 fps with that.

Guess we'll see.

Mugar17 said...

well, on the site, it says "system...something". it's pretty much a page of the site that will tell you how much frames you will get with your computer parts

Thor's Hammer said...

Hye !

I'm glad you like her ^^. But, well, the cockpit has only just begun. I hope you will enjoy her after the release, as me when I made her.

Bye !

Anonymous said...

#1. how did you get the photo to come out like that?

#2. Where can i download that plane?