Thursday, January 31, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding me...

I... I can't stop laughing! When I first heard of this thing I thought it was a joke. Unfortunately it isn't. What is this? Retirement for wingviewers? Autopilot too fiddly and complex now? Can't see the wing any more? Fear not dear airliner sim pilot, we have just the thing for you!


Notice the clever use of the FS font style?

If I could stop laughing I'd probably cry.

I'm staggered, seriously. I mean W T F?

On the plus side they actually have billboard ads for cigarettes in the... I was going to say 'game'... in the... umm... thing. When's the last time you saw a 'sim... thing' be so refreshingly politically incorrect? ;)

Riveting gameplay! Get on the bus! Get off the bus! DRIVE the bus! OMG, too fast! NO... not THE BLURRIES! HAHAHAHAHA.

In case you think I AM joking, and let me assure you I am not, click the link below... if you dare. ;)

Still laughing too hard to sleep.

-lotus out.


David said...

Mike, god you make me

I almost wet my pants....and I bet it gets better FPS than FSX! :P lol

Jet1954 said...

Yeah, I'm with david, you are pretty danged funny. I ran across your videos on Youtube yesterday and then fighter25 led me to your blog last night. I laughed all over the place.

Bus Simulator, wow. How about "Sleep
Simulator"? It might be cool if you can run over pedestrians.

You should capitalize on this and sell that 'peripheral' you love so much for 1200 bucks and advertise that it works perfectly for bus stimulator.

Love your movies, by the way, especially Vectors.

pebble said...

I'm speechless. Some things just shouldn't be simulated, and this is one of them. What's next? Virtual Fry Cook? Sheesh. Pretty soon they'll be putting cheesburgers in single serving cans! Oh wait. They already do that.

Mugar17 said...

dude, now I can learn to drive a bus!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! What a waste of time! Who would want to drive a bus in the first place.

The graphics's suck too! xD

Lotus said...

Thanks guys, glad I'm not crazy. It really is stupid!

I just don't get why someone would think up such a thing, let alone build it.

Alex said...

seems like fun buses traveling at 80kph far better then 2000 kph on flight simulator i prefer flight simulator i get 20fps on flight simulator on my 7300LE i got for free

Alex said...

don't download the demo its a waste of your time its in German I did get to drive.It was as boring as one can expect a bus simulator to be poor sound effects and direct x 8 looking graphics don't help either go play ultimate duck hunting at least you get to shoot stuff

Lotus said...

Ultimate Bus Hunting! Now THAT'S a game! Where's my rpg? ;)

Vlad said...

That looks like CRAZY fun!!!

Nahh, just kidding!

Anonymous said...

LoL I know it's an older post but there is a better bus simulator! *frown*

It's called Bus Driver.
Don't make fun of busses. They are hard to drive, so many instruments and such. Would be easier if the speedometer was in knots indicated airspeed ;)

Just wanted to reply to one of the post as a starter.

Cheers mate and looking forward to flying with you again!