Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chase the Sun Tour complete!

Well done all! We fought disconnects, we fought weather, we fought the laws of physics and we won! The Chase the Sun Blackbird Round the World Tour was a great success.

First, some stats:

Total legs flown: 12
Total distance covered: 23930 NM
Total flight time: 17 hours 23 minutes
Total trip time: 22 hours 15 minutes
Average speed: 1378.5 Knots
Longest leg: 2373 nm, Kashi - Assab, 1 hr 35 mins
Fastest leg: Rochambeau - La Mesa, 1480 knots avg.
Highest speed attained: Mach 3.37 - 1999 knots ground speed
Highest altitude: 84500 feet

Bottles of Stella Artois consumed: 46 (approximately)

Habus destroyed: 0 ;)

The circumnavigation record we had to beat (including refueling time which is factored into trip time) was 36 hours 14 minutes set by the B-1B in 1995. I'd say we fairly well kicked its ass. ;)

Again, great job guys, that was one hell of an effort! I'd mark that down as a serious FSX accomplishment. I was thoroughly impressed with your mastery(s) of the Habu by the time we wrapped up. :)

Thanks to everyone who participated, and my apologies to those who suffered many disconnects and lag. I wish FSX multiplayer was a little more robust than it is, but we made the best of it.

Pics below!



d0ugi3 said...

Who in the world brought the F-15 haha, and hands up for Gamespy being sucky!

Vlad said...

I really liked the Chase The Sun Image. Truly ingenious!Too bad this wasn't real life, otherwise, you guys would be in the Guinness Book of World Records. ;)

Lotus said...

The F-15 was a substitution on my end for TopDollar's SR-71 actually.

And yup Peb did a great job on the reward image. :)

TopDollar said...

Hehe yep I was known by some as an F-15, and others by the Starship Enterprise. Was a great tour and yes pebble did an awesome job on the patch. Glad I could be part of this one. Fastastic job.

Anonymous said...

Hi peoples,

I wish I could have participated, but I don't have a SR-71 for FSX. And I didnt want to buy or pirate one either. Sounds like you had a good time!


jet1954 said...

My hat's off to you Mike for taking the time to determine our routes as well as fuel consumption requirements, etc. Well done!

Also, another "Well done!" to Pebble for his outstanding patch. I even noticed that I have garnered other awards in FSX due to the added multi-engine time and the numerous landings.

Lotus said...

Haha, awesome, extra awards. There should be an "I'm still here!" award for every successful Habu flight. :)

I'm thinking up a trip for when the RealAir Spit comes out. ;)

Mugar17 said...

haha, a normal plane, and around the world. awesome :)

Anonymous said...

A flight around the Coastline of Iceland. Some challenging airports up there to!

Lotus said...

Yup Iceland rocks. I'm going back there this summer on a photography trip, can't wait. I also have a backburner project to upgrade the entire country, coastline and landclass wise, but it's very back burner. Many things to do before that.

As for the trip there isn't much to see there in FSX yet, and flying the ringroad around the country would take all of a couple of hours. Not quite epic enough. ;)

I'm thinking a top to bottom run rather than a typical circumnavigation. Doing a north pole to south pole run of sorts.

d0ugi3 said...

(I left that anonymous comment btw)

Well only if you plan to do it in Twin Otters or Maule on Ski's I would say it would take a long time to do, unless ofcourse the Blackbird had skis.... ;)

Sundowner said...

You know, this "Chase the Sun" image would make a great patch. Those are not really costly to make, should make those for 3USD a piece when 40 ordered. If they like it and you allow them selling it on their site you may get a discount. Think about it... I'll take 6 ;)

PS. if you want to see how they do things, I have theirs "Well done... Baby!" patch on my flight suit, if you want, I'll make a hi-res photo of it.