Saturday, March 8, 2008

From totally out of left field...


I don't really know *what* to make of this, but I figured you guys would want to see it.

It's an FSX movie, I think. Actually I don't know what to think. It's awesome, it's odd, it's clever, it's boring, it's cute, but maybe most of all it's ummm.... huh? :) Normally within seconds I either love an FSX movie, dislike it, or am ambivalent about it, but this is the first one I can't even begin to make up my mind about.

See for yourselves, I'm curious to hear what you think of it. It's kinda like Tinfish meets Navigator meets me meets Spice. Every movie these Things to Come guys have done for their scenery products (Edwards AFB in the Acceleration pack in this case) is a little out there, but this one... They definitely put a *lot* of work into it, that's for sure.

K, I'll shut up now, have a look. :)


Mugar17 said...

I loved this movie! The aerobatics with the F-16's was wicked cool, that's some add on they got there.

Lotus said...

They took the easy way out on a lot of the aerobatics, duplication of recorder files, and I don't blame them, it's a bitch. But yeah, not bad visually. As for the addons, yup, lot of extra modeling went into that.

d0ugi3 said...

its more of an FS Sitcom

Dave the Geek said...

Interesting, feels like a 20 minute story squeezed into a 10 minute film.

I liked some of the transitions, like the coffee cup formation to squadron.

Allot of work there, and the girl pilot has a nice butt.


Vlad said...

"Tinfish meets Navigator meets me meets Spice."- Brilliant comparison and just about sums up the movie!

And thumbs on on the girl pilot having a nice ass. ;)

Orion said...

That was a nice FSX movie, but not as cool as your's lotus!

I wonder how they got the extra animations (shuttle -> shuttle carrier, seat raised, people, coffee, carrots and all those little odd things)?

d0ugi3 said...

CGI (Computer Generated Images)

I would suppose so.

Or ask the maker, he will know exactly.

pebble said...

I found myself laughing out loud at several points. I loved it. Quirky as hell, but it carries its weight.

Lotus said...

Orion, they're the guys that actually made the Edwards AFB scenery in the Acceleration addon. Aces themselves didn't make much of the content, other than the missions and code. Most of the aircraft and scenery were made by third parties for it. If you have the source files making the shuttle and other stuff animate is simple.

The rabbit and all the other stuff they would have had to make from scratch just for the movie though.

Still can't make up my mind about it, but it's interesting anyway. :)

d0ugi3 said...

Well think of it this way. It's a whole new way of filming, and it's unique to these guys, so does that not make it good, and the fact people sit and watch it the whole 10 mins'.

Lotus said...

Yup. Didn't say it was bad, far from it. Just don't know if it's my cup of tea. I'd have done a lot of shots differently, but that's just my tastes. It's one hell of an effort though, no doubt. It may eventually come to the point when it's no longer possible to do an FSX video alone.

At that point I'll probably quit and do something else haha. When it comes to art I don't play well with others. ;)

d0ugi3 said...

We'll I can't decide this 1 for you.

If push comes to shove there might be a market for Virtual Airline ( or whatever FS clan for that matter). You could do vids for them but for a cost ;)

Lotus said...

I don't think any virtual airline would appreciate me doing a promo for them, and many have asked.

Ok, your video's done!

Here's your airliner making a very nice crater.
Here's one on fire.
Oh this one taxied into the terminal, oopsies!
There's a few over on the grass there with broken landing gears.

Ok that'll be $1000 please. ;)

d0ugi3 said...

I dug myself in it there!

Only if it were that simple =(


jet1954 said...

I liked your "Virtual Airlines" movie scenarios, they're hilarious.

Overall, I really liked the movie, especially the beginning. I was disappointed that Chuck Yeager didn't actually appear, although it was a nice touch :)

I hate to criticize since, 1) I don't know how to make a movie and, 2) a lot of obvious hard work and planning went into it's creation. However, I think I know what you mean about how it comes across. The feeling it leaves me with is like I had with the movie, Capricorn One, about a faked moon landing. It started out great but by the time it was over, I was left thinking, "That was a great premise and could have been an outstanding movie, it's just too bad it wasn't done by the likes of a Steven Spielberg."

The best part of this movie is that it is a positive reflection of the fact that FSX movies are beginning to evolve beyond the 'topgun-themed-same-old-boring-choppy-framerate-maneuvers-that-I-can-dream-up-by-myself' genre into a much more artsy form of story telling, of which some of that credit, if not alot, has to go to your movie efforts.

I particularly liked the beginning with the pick up driving onto Edwards. It was a nice touch using a non-flying vehicle in a flying movie.

Anonymous said...

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d0ugi3 said...

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