Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Courchevel on the ground...

Man I love Top Gear. I *hate* TV yet I adore this show. Even better when it's a 'best of' vid set to one of my favourite tracks like this. Nice remix too! :) I draw huge inspiration (and ideas) from the videographers and editors who work on this series.

And yes I know it's nothing but car porn but it still rocks. ;)



Vlad said...

If you attach a pair of wings to those "porn-stars" you'll surely have what we call a plane. So no wonder the smooth planes are so sexy, they are porn-stars on the inside <3

Smokey said...

But isn't that the best type of porn?

nice track and extreme over-the-top professional editing and work. I love it.

Now if only people could start a plane drifting ring we'd be set eh?