Saturday, March 1, 2008

*Much* better...

Ok leg two of the RTW trip went much much better than the first. So staying out of gamespy worked and helped the lag immensely. Aside from a little garbled comms here and there it was perfect, good job all. I'll be sticking with this direct IP method for the rest of the RTW sessions, thanks for your extra effort in that. It paid off. I've posted the info for the next session on the sidebar to the right, and will do so for each subsequent leg from now on instead of writing posts.

Cheers and see you there! (We'll probably take a few days off after this next leg, let the wings cool and all haha.)

PS: Stats for the Honolulu - Wake Island leg were 1993 NM covered in 1 hour 27 minutes for an average speed of 1374.5 knots. ;)



d0ugi3 said...

Hows the weather been for you guys?

and Are you planning any earlier times than that so the GMT guys can have a go?

Lotus said...

Weather's been good so far, luckily. Only real weather we ran into was on a practice run to Havana prior to the trip, big thunderstorms. The Habu doesn't like being tossed around in those.

As for the times, there's nothing I can do about it, wish I could. We just can't go early really, Pebble and I, so it's PST evenings only for these runs. Peb can't stay up 'till 4am like I can either. Has this thing called 'responsibility' or something. ;) Sorry man.

d0ugi3 said...

No worries, and do u not mean 6am like today ;) (and i must get a new microphone)

Well I can stick flying around the UK Mainland with Capt_DRAKY (if you remember him) in the B1-Lancer, a beautiful plane I must add.

I might just do the shortest leg on my own, see the full power of the B-Bird (ive yet to break Mach 2 on the bloody thing)


Vlad said...

Well Lotus, not everybody is "self-employed." ;) And really what is "self-employed"? I mean, how are you "self-employed"? You know, I really like the word "self-employed.""Self-employed" will be my word of the day. ;) ..."Self employed."

I'd enjoy a flight with you but the SP2 is giving me as much problems as the outsourced-to-India customer support.

And when is your movie coming?! Rawgh!

Good luck on it, although you're not in need of it! ;)


Lotus said...

To Doug, I wish Alphasim would remake that B-1. It has real potential, just a weak flight model and VC.

To Vlad, as I said once before, you're a strange cat man. ;) Movie's coming when it's coming hehe. Can't explain how mind bendingly difficult some of these shots are to put together. It's tiring actually. So...

My word for the day? Mitochondrion.

d0ugi3 said...

Mitochondrion, plural of mitochondria the thing used in repiration?


I dont understand much about flight models but im sure google does... ;)

- d0ugi3

Vlad said...

Doug, nope. Mitochondrion are organelle found in the cell that supple the chemical power. Also Mitochondrion are what causes aging. But that is a very strange word of the day,not for Lotus though ;).

pebble said...

My word of the day would be haulm.

d0ugi3 said...

Quarantine Linky-

Pebble whats the html tag for links?

Vlad said...

It's something like a(inside the carrots <>)
then you type in the link and then close the link with /a (inside the carrots <>