Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sound familiar?

At least FSX gets a nod. ;) It's the Zero Punctuation review of Crysis, a game I hate and absolutely refuse to play on principle. Why? Simply because all the problems FSX SP2 has with Nvidia hardware would be solved in a bloody heartbeat if this game didn't exist. It's a long story. Anyway I LOVE this guy's reviews.



mugar17 said...

raging pc erection:
dual 8800 Ultra's
4gb @ 1200mhz

oh yeah....

Vlad said...

It's not perfect...nothing's perfect...besides Columbo of course!

Sounds soo much like my English Teacher. For example, once he goes:"Come on boys and girls, we got 26 minds here, I can't do all the work by myself! I mean usually I can, but you know..."

Ooo, and here's another funny one:"Don't play me, pay me!"

It's funny cause he's black, not that I'm racist or anything.

Lotus, sorry for getting off topic ;)

jet1954 said...

OMG, maybe I'm easy to please but that was AWESOME! I had to watch it twice, it was hilarious.

Speaking of being "off topic" I tried to get on last night but got there too late. I had to work late but was hoping to at least make the landing, but alas, missed that too :)

Lotus said...

Yeah, Yahtzee's great, love his reviews. You should check out his site, link's in the video. His review of SimCity Societies is killer as well.

As for the leg, yeah it was a short one. We're in the Congo now hehe. See ya friday night hopefully. Oh, that reminds me, have to add a little something related to the blog tomorrow.

d0ugi3 said...

Lotus have a look at that, you may throw up. [Only because of the music though]

Lotus said...

Oh yawn...

The F-22 Stealth Pinata

F22 pilot: "We can do backflips, we're cool!"

Viktor Pugachev: "Oh, nice for you, only took you 16 years and $200 Billion to catch up. Well done kids."

d0ugi3 said...

notice the music was from top-gun, as you said, your allergic.

Lotus said...

Haha, I didn't even get that far. Saw the rah rah F-22 graphics and screamed and ran away.

d0ugi3 said...


Well I guess your happy you left when you did.